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for advertising and push it forward into june and july to define him in the battleground states. other candidates, bill clinton in 1996, did the same thing. this was a real gamble. but it really paid off. the romney folks are never able to recover. the definition that the obama people had established with the dominant one in the campaign. host: this is from "the boston sunday globe." and then the piece goes on to say, looking back, to your point, the candidate never defining himself. and then overestimating his ground game. guest: on the ground game side, they were worth about their own bravado about their own organization. part of it was, i think, a genuine ignorance about what president obama had going on. the romney campaign had a triple a round game. obama campaigned out a ground game that was led the 1927 yankees. it was up against a perhaps all-time great ground game. i do not think the romney folks appreciated that. a lot of the post-mortem pieces that we have done, talking about the obama ground game -- part of it is self-serving, as it masks some of their own problems -- but still, you h
haven't been to the market. you can see that. but you can see from 2009 july 201111 from 34 to 24. we also know for about a hundred years the markets returned an average is someplace between 9% and 11% in us as mentioned, these are critical to that. when looking for something that has a positive side and that is tables were filled to guarantee these defined benefit plans those around long-held assumptions that are broken down the last 10 years. in your mind or with your understanding of all this, this year it looks like the market they be up 9% or 10%. how many are suited to to take 90% of the red and put them back in the green? what is historically because there's nothing fundamentally wrong based on the knowledge they have. were looking at the tender spot in saying this is horrible, which of course it is in plans are going broke. this may not last forever either. hopefully it won't be so many people unemployed, et cetera, et cetera. looking forward, what do you see? >> let me talk in general now and if i may come especially after we get you the reports the ou all, i would like to an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2